How would I create a Staff leave request and approval function?

There is already a topic on it but the steps are not complete. I would like to know if someone can help me or guide me on how to Create a Staff leave request function, upon submitting the request, the request should go to the Client in relation and then the user(client) Can go ahead and approve or disapprove.

two ways of doing it:

  1. use the Users sheet to write a request directly into the staff row (this method will only hold one request)
  2. create a sheet with requests, every time someone makes a request, a new row will be added with the user email, stuff email, and request text.

add a boolean column that can be checked for approval and filter that will show only unchecked messages to the only staff with his email in it.

Thank you @Uzo I am trying to do the steps you advised but not really getting anywhere. I have two applications One for the client and one for the staff under those clients (Since we are a recruitment agency) What I am trying to do is give staff members an option to send a request to their respective clients which shows as a notification or whatever place in the client app and then the client has an option to either approve or disapprove(maybe we can use boolean or choose category option)

do you want to have multiple messages? then you need a separate sheet to record them… using a form to add a new row with the message, user email, and the email that this message is going to
then have a inline list to show these messages, filtered by email and boolean that it was approved

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Okay Thanks- @Uzo How do I showcase the request on the client application?
Though an Inline list , is that what you are referring me to ? I am so confused!!

no, use the form to create a new message… how advanced are you in Glide? so I know how to explain… or you can just Zoom with me

I am not really that advanced - Very new to this but have an understanding of integrations and database management.

you don’t wanna use Zoom? it would be much easier if I can see and talk

Sure! Would love to. Let’s Connect.

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@Uzo Thanks for the zoom session. It was some great learning and feedback you gave. I am building the app again from scratch and will bug you when stuck :smiley: