Approve staff holiday requests via an admin app

Hi, Friends.
I need some assistance regarding employees leave application like any staff will apply for leave then as supervisor/boss someone will approve leave; that staff will get a response like email or message.
Is it possibe in Glideapps???

Thanks in advance.

Anything is possible. You just have to start building and learning as your go.

I need tips regarding mentioned issue.

Start looking at various templates. Take the one that matches your needs the closest. Learn about what is achievable using google spreadsheets scripts and APIs. The mix of glide features and spreadsheet magic will get the job done.

@Md_Jakir_Hossain - So there are a lot of steps to this! You might need a Glide Expert to help you I will do a tutorial on this in future, but for now - here are some basic thoughts:

From what I can imagine, this may need two apps. 1 for the users (people requesting) and one for the admin (people approving). These will both read from the same sheet.

Stage 1 - users app

  • Use per user data on the users app so that people only see the dates they have requested
  • allow them to add items with start and end dates and a special value to link their email with their requests.

Stage 2 - users app

  • have a column in the sheet for requests which is a status column (i.e. whether it is approved or not). Leave this empty.
  • create a new IFTHENELSE column which says the word ‘Pending’ if the status column is empty ELSE show the text in the status column. Call this column ‘display status’
  • show this new column in a non-editable basic text component

Stage 3 - admin app

  • in the admin app don’t use per user data and show the admin all requests
  • Allow the admin to enter data in the status column for each request via a choice component
  • Give the choice component two choices ‘Approved’ or ‘Denied’
  • Now when the admin chooses approved or denied the users app will show that status rather than ‘pending’.

Stage 4 - filtering

  • You can now (if you want) filter out requests based on status
  • In the admin app - you could create 2/3 views of your sheet with each status (pending, approved & denied)
  • In the users app you could show each user the same - but for only their requests.

Glide Community - please unpick this as I may have missed things out! :pray:t4:

@Md_Jakir_Hossain I just want to add that your question is very broad. If you have a working example of what you have made so far, and have questions on a specific problem you are having, then you might get more help from the community. Nobody else but you can envision how you want your app to look and function.

@JackVaughan I would only add that it is possible to get admin and user functionality in the same app, but it’s very use case specific. Usually I like to add either an admin tab in the menu, or add an admin button or list in another tab. Depending on the situation, you can use a combination of per user data, visibility or relations to control if a user can see an admin section of the app.