If then... with blank...else

If then column bringing number columns as result cannot be rolled up as sum if there is not an else value informed…or…the column has values in all rows.

Have you tried to insert a 0 (zero) in Else field?

Yes thanks. It should recognize …blank else… as 0 in number columns. Aesthetically sometimes I prefer to show blanks than a lot of zeros.

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I feel you. Be our suggestion here @Mark
What you can do is create another IFE column
When this column is equals 0 > blank


Are you saying Sum doesn’t work if you have empty cells? It should. Empty cells should count as 0.

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@mark no, the way I understand it what is being said is that if you try and do a rollup on an if-then-else column that contains empty values, then sum is not an available rollup option.



I see! That’s a good point.


Ya, @Mark, I recently talked about this with @JackVaughan this week. If there’s a blank in the result of a case of an if then else column, then Rollup columns no longer see the value as a number but rather a string. The same is true with dates. Can’t do Rollups for earliest/latest. Same is true if I have an if then else that results in “true”/”false”. I can’t do a Rollup to count all true, for example.


Will be fixed on Friday.


Awesome! Didn’t even know it was a bug…figured it was simply a type mismatch restriction