IF THEN Case not showing in app in layout view (but its shown in database view)

In my app (etscale.glideapp.io) I have created an IF THEN decision entry in the database view and it shows up fine.
but when I am in the layout view or the native app view it is blank (it’s as if its off the bottom of the screen) but it’s simply blank if I reorder

Has anyone come across a situation where the data view field is populated but the layout view field is blank??

so in the app…if you type all 1’s into the entry field it should say “Probably does not need clinical input for emotional issues currently” but when you do this, all you get is a blank on layout view


What device are you using?

Have you refreshed your browser or adjusted the zoom level?

thanks, it seems to be ok now on the native app view but it is still blank on the builder view (go.glideapps.com/app) and only in the layout view (am I missing a zoom level on this page?)

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No, I’m just talking about the zoom level of the browser. Sometimes the emulated view of the app in the glide builder scales the view in a weird way and may be preventing you from scrolling all the way down. Sometimes adjusting the zoom will take care of that.