If the favorites screen is blank

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I have a separate screen with favorites and it is configured as in the screenshot (with the “Is Favorited? Is true” filter). There are many categories, so there are inline lists too.

But when the user first visits the site and has not yet added anything to their favorites, this screen looks blank. How can I add text or a picture that will be visible if there are no favorites?

Thank you!


  • Create a template column with the word “true” in your user profiles table.
  • Create a relation from that template to the “Is Favorited?” column in your data.
  • Add a text component that is only visible when relation is empty.
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Thank you for the detailed answer! Unfortunately, there are no user profiles in the app. Only pin code when adding something favorites.

So users still have to login but you don’t want a User Profiles table?

We can do some rollups if that’s the case, in the Sheet you currently use for this screen.

The point is that I am not using a specific sheet for this screen. This screen consists of inline lists (see screenshot), which in turn are taken from different sheets.

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning: But I really need to fix this because registered users (who haven’t added favorites) and unauthorized users see a blank page.

You can create a relation in any sheet. Create a template column with the word ‘true’. Then create a relation linking the template column to the favorites column in the sheet that has the favorites. Then condition the inline list to show if the relation is not empty.

There’s no screen that is not attached to a Sheet. I mean you can see the Sheet that is tied with the Tab you’re viewing, assuming you’re on the tab level view.