If one item in a list is true, then force all other items to be false

Hi All,

I am designing a career coaching app that allows a user to choose a “pathway” from a list of careers. They choose their pathway using a true/false switch on the pathway detail page.

Is it possible to build this in a way that prevents users from setting multiple pathways to true? In other words, if a user sets a new pathway to true, I would like the old pathway to automatically become false.

I will post screenshots in the thread. Many thanks!

Here is the list of career pathways. When a pathway is set to true, it appears under “My Pathway”.

Here is the pathway detail screen. A user can select this pathway with the true/false switch.

Could you set visibility on the Browse All Pathways list to hide the list if any of the values are set to true? Assuming you have some sort of reference on a user sheet, you could set the visibility to only show the Browse list if the My Pathway reference is empty. Otherwise build a reference and lookup on the pathways sheet for any pathways set to true and hide the switch on the detail page. Hard to say without knowing your sheet structure and how everything is linked.

I can’t think of a way any script of formula in the spreadsheet would know which of the true rows in a given column was the last one to be selected. Instead of using a check box you would have to use a Form to ask the question maybe a choice component to pick the pathway, but also add a hidden timestamp field . Then save this to a different sheet, ordered by reverse date order and do a lookup from the users sheet to see what the most recent selection is.

Radio buttons or required checkboxes with only one box checked will help there…