Identical buttons sending to different recipients

I’ve got two identical message buttons in different tabs, sending to different recipients. Everything is identical but one sends the message to the intended recipient, and the other sends the message back to the sender.

Hey @Rubel

Having quickly read your comments I don’t understand what you want from us? :man_shrugging:

Is that you don’t know why a button on one tab does one thing but on another tab it does something else?

Can you explain more and maybe categorise your post, that would be helpful. Thanks

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Yeah, the idea was to recreate the original button. I know I can copy it but, I believe, that would only reproduce it for the same tab. Everything about the second button seems to be identical to the first one, but the messages aren’t being sent to the intended recipient. They’re actually just being sent back to the sender. Do you have any idea what the problem could possibly be? Something is different about the buttons, but I just can’t see it.

For some reason I don’t have Layout and Features. I only have General and Options. The actions on both buttons are Show Form. When I choose Options, I have the visibility conditions but no Action options.

That example was extracted from glide documentation which is showing the old version of the glide builder (we are now using the new glide builder, which is what you are using)

On your screen (general) you see actions, click on that and you will see all the available options including send mail.


And I should choose “send email”, or “Zapier”? Maybe I chose Zapier for the first one, and not the second. But I thought that Zapier would just send the emails whenever the messages column on my messages page was updated.

Depends on what you want to do.

Send mail will just open up a create email message.

Zapier is a whole other subject which will take some configuration.

If you have a zapier account and using a google sheet you could set up a zap to watch for new rows and if a new row exists send an email automatically.

Without knowing what you need to app to do then I’m just giving you different options.

Yeah, I’ve got Zapier working fine for my first button. It seems to be working fine with the second button too. It’s sending the emails to who Glide has them going to. The problem is that the messages sent from the second button are being sent back to the sender, rather than the intended recipient. IDK why that is, because everything about the two buttons looks identical.

The email addresses on the left are the sender, and the emails on the right are the recipient. The ones that are sent to a different recipient are sent from the first button, and the ones being sent to the same email address are being sent from the second button.

Ahh I see now. You have both emails in the same column.

Yeah, but I don’t know why. The two buttons look identical, but they’re acting different.

So in the column you are storing the emails:

  • The first email address should be for button one

  • The seconds email address should be for button two

You are saying that both buttons are the same and sending to the first email address at the moment?

I am wondering if the zap will just take the first email not the last which is maybe causing the issue?

How are they acting differently? Just that they are not sending to the emails addresses you want (or expect) or something else?

Perhaps to need to create two columns to hold each email independently.

Use a single value column, one to get the first email the other to get the last email and then use this to send your emails

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I want both buttons to be the same, and I want them to act the same, but they’re not doing the same thing. Everything about them appears to be the same, but something must be different. Every message sent from the first button is sent to the intended recipient. All the fields that have different email addresses were sent from the first button. All the messages sent from the second button are being sent back to the sender. All the fields with the same email address were sent from the second button. So all the messages sent from the second button are only emailed to the person sending the message. Which makes perfect sense, since Glide is sending the message back to the sender. So I know that the mistake is in Glide. But I just can’t figure out what the difference is between the two buttons.

Is your email column a sheet defined array column? Meaning it’s built from two sequentially numbered columns (eg. ‘Email 1’, ‘Email 2’). Or is it an array from a multiple relation and lookup?

If it’s from a lookup, them I would be really surprised that you could even set of a Zapier with that. So I am going to assume that it’s a sheet defined array built from two separate columns.

With that said, can you show how you have Zapier set up and which column it’s using for the email address? Is Zapier firing from the google sheet, or do you use the Zapier action in glide? All I see in your screenshots are form actions so I’m not clear on where Zapier comes in.

As a sidenote, I know someone asked for better screenshots before. I’m not sure what your limitation is for that, but I see you are using windows and I always use the Windows Snip Tool. You just draw a box around whatever you want a screenshot of, then click on copy and paste it into the forum. A lot quicker than taking a picture and uploading it.

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I believe it’s a sheet defined array column. And I’m pretty sure it’s firing directly from the Google sheet.

It must be coming from the data editor, because my Google Sheet Messages column hasn’t updated since February 10th. But my problem is in Glide, anyway. It’s not like the second button is working, and Zapier is failing to do its job. The second button isn’t even working in the app. Sending a message, using the second button, sends the message back to the sender. That’s why I know that something’s different between the two buttons, but I can’t find a difference. Just looking at the array column, you can see that sometimes the messages are sent back to the same email address. ALL of those messages were sent using the second button. Do you know of a way to check more details about the buttons, to identify the difference?

My best guess is that whatever process you have to fill those columns is putting the wrong email in the column and that’s the email that Zapier picks up. I would be checking whatever your app does to create or update that row. It must be setting one of the email columns incorrectly.

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Is there a page, other than this page, where I can check what my app is doing to create the row? Because everything about these two buttons, that I can see, looks identical.

There is no other screen.

This screen has everything. The form, the sheet, the sheet fields and the data.

You are sending the data to the same sheet - messages

As I said before I believe (as I can’t see the underlying data) that the zap is just using the first email address in the array not the last which is why it is sending to the sender (the first email)

Within zapier you can test and see the data it is pulling through and using to send the email, have you done that?

Why don’t you have two columns in your sheet to hold each individual email?

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If I’m understanding correctly, it’s two separate columns, but it’s just showing as a combined array column in glide. Without seeing the full Zapier setup, it’s hard to tell which columns are used for what in the zap, but I would have to assume it’s not a Zapier issue.

The only thing I’m noticing is that the buttons are set up identical, but pull column values from different sheets. Most importantly, the Email column that’s filling Chat User 2. I can only assume that the Email column in the sheet driving the Tutors tab is different than the Email column in the sheet driving the Search Subjects sheet. I would bet if you used a text component to display the Email column inside each form, you would see right away which email address it’s writing to the Messages sheet.