I would love to use Glide - but have to wait until GDPR compliance is in place

As far as I understand GDPR, when we develop applications with Glide, we aren’t really GDPR-compliant. My view is, however, that there is no such thing as being 100% GDPR-compliant. No company is. The spirit of GDPR is to try to comply as much as possible and to not cross the line on some non-negotiables.

If being strictly GDPR-compliant were a thing, we’d have to use solutions from leading US tech companies only that have servers in the EU (ironically that would be Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and a limited number of others) or solutions from EU-based tech companies that usually lag behind their US counterparts. If neither of these is a suitable option, then what’s left if accepting to use smaller solutions such as Glide that are doing their best to offer a GDPR-compliant-enough tool.