I want to disable the display of message boxes that appear when accessing app

Sometimes the Glide app seems to work unstable because of some bugs that iOS has.

I’m a bit tired of telling users who are experiencing a blank white screen when they open some links in app and then return to the app (bug), to go to the app site and re-add the shortcut to their home screen. (the most convenient solution to fix the problem)

As a workaround, I want to encourage users to just use the safari browser without installing a home shortcut. I’m wondering if I can prevent the prompt message box that says create an app shortcut on the home screen.

Can you install to homescreen and still open the link in the browser? On Android, I don’t get the message box in my browser if I already have the app installed to my homescreen. I don’t know about IOS.

If users access a shortcut installed on the home screen, no message box appears.

What I want to say is that I want the option to disable the prompt message “Install shortcut” when a new user accesses the site address.

I realize that. Just curious what happens in the scenario I presented.