I want my app partly open

I don’t like sites where you have to start with registration. I always want to see first where I end up, what the place looks like where I leave my e-mail address. A good site, I think, teases me with value and explains what the added value of registration is.
I like the way favorites work at the moment. You can enter an app, you see what you get, but only need registration when you start adding favorites. I would like something like that as well in general. For example: an open directory of people working somewhere, but only registration if there is personal information for them or something.
Keep open as much as possible (if that’s what you want) and only pincode when necesary.


Snap - I want open app to see what’s on offer with a join option.

Join option could be free or paid.

Subscriber can add, edit, delete own items, these items can be viewed by everyone.

Want subscription to be monthly, weekly etc or pay for one off items like a promotion so form attached to a buy button.