Public app with sign-up ability - Please add your support in the feature request app

Hi all,

I have been following closely with the whole GDPR / privacy policy topic and so firstly thank you to the team for implementing an initial solution for this.

Through this topic and through a few others I have seen comments about the ability to have a public app with the ability for users to sign-in once in the app to use features like favourites, location, etc.
The current functionality gets public app users to sign-in to use favourites but with no GDPR checkbox and the functionality doesn’t extend to other features (E.g. forms, location, etc.).

I searched the feature request database and could not find a specific request on this so I have added one.
If this feature would be of benefit to you can I ask you to go over to the feature request app and add your +1 to this feature request. I think the easiest way to find it is to go to the feature request app and search for ‘public’. It may not be there straight away as I’m guessing @JackVaughan has to approve it.

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@Phil_Jackson: Yes, this is an issue I have also raised, i.e. forms and location do not require sign up in the same way as using favourites. It’s a fundamental flaw which needs urgent attention.

Our only workarounds are to either not use forms or maps in our app, which diminishes its effectiveness and usefulness, or make our app public with sign-in, which creates a barrier to entry straight off the bat.

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