Purpose of sign in on public app

So, what is purpose of ‘sign in’ on a public app other than to makes comments and add favourites?

Anything else, if i am correct

I’m guessing right now it’s just a generic option for all privacy types on apps. It doesn’t really serve a purpose other than comments and favorites, but I believe the Email special value will obtain a user email if they have signed in on a public app. I suppose you could encourage users to sign in right away if they intend to use comments or favorites in the future. I’m sure it’s on Glide’s massive list of future updates to address at some point in the future.

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Yes, at the moment:

  • comments
  • favorites
  • special values
  • per user data

In the future… many more things.

And we hope to improve the sign in experience soon.



I have 3 apps driven off 1 google sheet - 2 paid versions for internal use (one supervisor, one driver), and one free version pushed out to the public. For me, it was to get a count of unique users that were NOT on the internal whitelists. We just launched it Wednesday, and have almost 1600 users.



Thanks Tim, good to know…well done on getting 1600 users, pretty impressed!!! Keep up the good work

Ps link doesn’t work :frowning:

Thanks. It’s really just an extension of our city website. We wanted to do the best job we could pushing info to the public. It started as an internal app with a whole different purpose, and realized all the info we were collecting was relevant enough to share out. The users are a result of a press release and social media postings, and they are all local (as far as I know).

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I updated link - try this: https://815snowinfo.glideapp.io/

Still a good job. Had any issues? Feedback on it? Just interested

Both the public and City Leadership seem pretty stoked about it. One of the biggest issues I’m seeing is the iOs users trying to add to home screen using Chrome. I’m sure there may be a way to do it, but I’m just steering them to Safari and having them add it from there. I really don’t have time to support it other than a few simple instructions though. I built it as a side thing for my normal job (I’m an Admin for our Street Maintenance Dept) and we’re face deep in snow and ice season.

This weekend is the first it’s been in the wild, so we’ll see how it goes.


Keep safe…

Very nicely done! I’m from Southern California and don’t know anything about snow and ice removal, but I could follow everything.

Curious if there’s a way to embed the map into the app.


Not sure about embedding the map, never thought about it really. I figured we’re hosting it on our GIS Online Server, I’d let the server do the heavy lifting.

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Yeah don’t reinvent the wheel, if works then it works. Embedded stuff is not always as stable as we think.