Front Page for Intro

Is this possible?
The front page is open to everyone. When the app opens, there can be some general information about the app and maybe the tabs and menus.
But all the tabs and menus once accessed have nothing there, because they are only there when the user is signed in.

We plan to do this but it’s not available yet. What specifically would you like to show in your app?

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Well, just thinking about ME, I have a mileage tracker app (user puts in all info, it does not really “track” the miles while driving.
I would like the first page to say, this app is configured for our school system for a particular group. And maybe a link to say if they want some help, or they want to be included, to email me with some particulars.
Maybe even if there was a place in a sheet where we could put a welcome message at the “enter email” screen where we could put this info.

For some, it may be a STATS page. If users are putting in information and then some spreadsheet magic was happening … and the results were fed to the home page.
I know this can be done with two apps, but if there was a home screen for EVERYONE with info and stats, then those signed in could enter in the stats.
Or maybe a select few could be filling in forms.
Just saying that some may come and look at the app … request more access … and then be able to fill in the forms (without changing apps)

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