I see different things in the builder compared to the actual app

i see different things in the builder compared to the actual app. For example, in the builder I see the “Nombre de la tienda” label whereas in the app it doesn’t show up.

  • Check visibility settings
  • Check that you are viewing the App as the same user in both cases
  • Check your publishing control

I check everything and nothing. All settings are corrects :frowning_face:

Perhaps if you add some screen shots of the component that doesn’t appear in the App, and show how it is configured, we might be able to see something that you are missing.

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I did a loom so you can see the settings and that I’m using the same user

Can you show me a screen shot of the below column in the Data Editor please?

I’m also curious as to why you are using “includes” and not “is”.

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I changed the Includes to Is, but is still bugging

Okay, I just watched your video again and I see what the problem is.

You are using an Add Form. An Add Form is not attached to any row, so when you try and configure a visibility condition that uses columns from the destination table, it will always fail.

Can you explain what the purpose of that visibility condition is?

It doesn’t always fails. There are 3 users that have this error of 28…

So that choice component is reading from the list of stores that you have, and it should only show the signed-in user’s stores?

When you show the choice component, I noticed what you have is a filter and not a visibility condition. Have you considered cases where the signed-in user does not have any store?

Yes, it should only show the signed-in user’s stores. And for the most part we does, but with 3 user it bugs…

There is cases that the user don’t have stores, but this is not the case, I check :c

In your video, you’re showing the add form for “Encuestas”, while the screenshot is from the “Tiendas” sheet?

The Add Form is for “Encuestas” Sheet, but the visibility function works with the “Tiendas” information

So those 3 users have stores, but they don’t see the choice component?

Why do rows 220, 221 and 222 in the Tiendas sheet have no value for the “mail” column?

Because there are some stores that don’t have users. But there are some that has and the users don’t see the choice component

If you can make the app copyable, please let us know. Else please submit a bug report using the link below.


Have you verified that the email for the signed in user (in the user table) matches exactly what you have in the Mail column in Tiendas table. Check for any differences with uppercase and lowercase letters. Check for any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the emails in the Tiendas table and user table.

Does your user table acquire real email addresses or anonymous email addresses? I have a slight suspicion that you are trying to compare an anonymous email to a real email, but I’m not sure.

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