I need some clarification

hello everyone to glide.
I am new to glide page PRO for a few days. I have some questions to ask you.

  1. An app in glide page up to how many users connected at the same time supports or exceeds a certain number does not hold up and goes into block
  2. it is not possible to insert the facebook pixel to monitor
  3. if I put a personal domain it changes something in terms of performance or it always depends on glide
  4. it is not possible to do SEO to identify the pages created
  5. it is not possible to change the text of some buttons such as the sign in or sign up to write it for example in Italian
  6. also in the PRO version it remains written made with glide
    Thanks to those who will be able to help me on these questions
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I answer you based on my current knowledge of Page, which is however limited as Page was recently born.

  1. There shouldn’t be any significant downgrades, as the execution is on the local device.
  2. not possible
  3. nothing changes in terms of performance
  4. I don’t think so
  5. currently not, but I think there will be developments in this sense
  6. the Glide logo remains, but I think there will be some news soon
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@Roldy thank you

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