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Hi, I am Dina. Happy to be here in this community. Hope to learn a lot. I came across glide recently when it was listed in stackshare and found it to be very intuitive and developer friendly.

I’m planning to build an app for my client using glide. I wanted to know if the concurrent usage of the app by multiple users will degrade the performance? Also, I found free tier to be a bit slow. Is the pro version more performant? Do you have servers on specific regions to reduce latency? How can I do user input validation such as emails, number of digits, currency etc. ?

I don’t think concurrent usage should have any effect. I also don’t believe there should be any performance difference between free and pro apps.

There is currently no input validation other than specifying a certain type of entry component, which is still pretty limited.


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I see there are components for email or phone number etc but why doesn’t it validate if the provided input is email or a number? Is there a way we can implement it? Can we customise the components provided by glide with additional features if required?

A simple app to collect data from users should notify users if they are entering invalid data. Need some level control on the inserted data with regex tests. What do you think?

I think the different component types are used to specify which keyboard to show to the user. Phone will show phone keypad, Number will show numeric keypad, String will show regular keyboard (depending on device of course). In some respects I wish it had verification too, but in my case I use text along with phone numbers in a phone entry to specify ‘Joe’s Cell’ after a phone number in a phone column. My phone dialer ignores the text and only dials the number.

I don’t know of a good way currently to handle validation. You could do something in the sheet, but at that point it’s too late.

I agree that regex would be ideal, or at least some preformatted regex options with the option to tweak it as necessary.

Exactly. I expected this level of basic check to be available in the client app. Just as a guide to the users of the app. Not saying my users are dumb :stuck_out_tongue:. These kind of validations are now even part of html forms. Example,

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Did this ever get fixed ? Validation seems like a problem

@ajchan You can do the validation yourself if needed. I have addressed this question a few times and there is a way to workaround this issue.

The gist of it is, have the user enter all the information that requires validation into user fields (not in a form) and validate it. Once all values have been validated, a form button appears. Once the form is opened all the values previously entered are shown (no longer editable) for confirmation and then the user submits the form.

In this way you can validate the input prior to accepting the form entry. It’s not ideal but it is really only one extra click from the user… Not too much of a price to pay.

From a users perspective it also feels ok I think as it’s the confirmation page you have in many websites that make you click accept and if you don’t like what you chose, have to back out and change it.

Let me know if you want more details.

HI @ajchan,

Please feel free to check this example out I created. If the flow and function works for you I can share the method behind it.

Valid example code to use ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO.

Used codes will showup as already used, invalid codes show up as invalid (it is case sensitive).

Once a valid code that is not already used is entered you can confirm and submit, then your entered code will be displayed.

Just an example of how user input can be validated prior to accepting it.

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