I have done it! game on! the real chat app is here!

This is nice for chatting with a knowledge base, we need a chat system similar to msn messenger

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  1. Open a tawk to account.
  2. On your tawk to dashboard search for “direct chat link”.
  3. Copy the link
  4. Paste into any column on your g sheet.
  5. Use any glide component that allows itself to be set to web view like an inline list (better as you can upload maybe a chat :speech_balloon: icon ).
  6. Set 5 to web view.
  7. When ppl tap on icon live chat opens.
  8. Chat away all day, all night !
  9. Download the app for instant notification. Never miss a chat.
  10. Loads of other things you can do. Spend some time on the tawk to dashboard.

Hey Wiz,

Thank for this, but i already have this setup as I mentioned before. I was referring if users on my app can chat with each other.

It’s a 3rd party integration. Answer is no

How did you do that!

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You mean the pop up ?

show notifications :open_mouth:

Hey Gliders, I’m joining the conversation about the chat.
So I’m building a chat within the app, similar to the one @Lisa built, with the comments component etc. So that’s the easy part and completed, now what I’m going crazy with, is that I want to relate users and unique chat id’s, so:
1- if one of the users starts a chat, he/she cannot start it again with the same user
2- once the chat has been started, navigate straight to chat tab (using the new feature) when clicked on the same button (start a chat, using the new action builder)

I have a messages tab, where the chat requests go to, and I relate this tab to the user’s one, which is when it gets confusing. My idea is if two unique ID’s match (in the user’s tap) then is a match, which is option 2
If they don´t match then either of the users can start a chat.

I know it sounds confusing, but I hope I’ve been clear enough,
Thanks in advance for all the answers

Pablo, I think you need to have a page that automatically takes any variations of users and creates a unique ID, this should be done whenever a new user is created. So I haven’t tested this yet and I will today (I am having to build a chat into one of my apps as well) But what I am going to do is create an array formula that runs down the list of users and combines usernames with a & in the arrayformula, it wont be a ID number but it will be close enough to work. those will be setup as a relation and using that relation I will have buttons go to possible relations based on a search that does the exact same thing with the relation to the user page.

Hey @Drearystate, thank you so much for your response. I got help already from this amazing community and got the chat working already. Thank you so much anyway, I’m now going through your texting tutorial :grinning:



Has anyone tried to implement the live chat with tawk.to recently? I’ve been following the steps and added a web view with the direct link but it only shows a blank screen. @Wiz.Wazeer I’ve even opened the live chat on your app http://wizchat.glideapp.io/ but it also shows a blank screen as well. However opening the link directly works fine so it stands to reason that maybe Glide recent updates have something to do with it?

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Welcome to the Community.

Thank you…if its showing as a blank screen you are most probably correct…I will check it out and get back to u. Thank you for letting me know.

Hi,just checked and noticed I was logged out,logged in again,it is working as normal.

Hi, thanks for the response.
I still get nothing when I open http://wizchat.glideapp.io/ this is what I get and it’s the same on mobile and web.

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And the second one since I can only upload one at the time…

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Ah…I am logged out of that one…I thought you’d meant wizwazeer.glideapp.io

is wizwazeer.glideapp.io with tawk.to because I can only see whatsapp as chat option there?

Yes it…do you not see the tawk to icon? click on the icon

It’s the 3rd tab I think

Yes, I got it! It opens a new page where you can chat, but embedded (web view) inside Glide doesn’t work.

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