Using as knowledge base in a GLIDE app

I am looking to build a knowledge base for my application and I was thinking of using tawk.

would like to ask the community for best practices, examples, and recommendations on how to make the best of it inside an app made with Glide.

is it necessary and work. please let me know your experiences and comments about this matter.

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I am currently using it in my app.

I have chosen you add a floating button with a question mark which has an action that open up the tawk knowledge base link.

Webview can also be used.

Yes, I am also using it in one of my App. Works well.

This is amazing. I’ve seen thrown around the forum a few times but never really tinkered with it until now. Beautiful.

I got it from @Wiz.Wazeer , I think it was the first person I saw using it, but it’s super cool

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This is EXACTLY what we needed! Thank you!

Edit: This community is by far one of the best I’ve been grateful-enough to be apart of. :pray:t2:


It’s all here.

Thank you.

tks for the info