I have done it! game on! the real chat app is here!

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Answers to all your QS you will find on the tawk website. They have 4 minute tutorials on FAQ. Your Q is covered also. Watch all 10 tutorials. You may learn a few additional things.

Thank you.

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can you say with closed application opening the chat has the sound emission?

Sorry, I did not understand the Q?

Do you mean if chat is closed and then reopened would you get a push (sound) notification?

when the chat starts a sound is displayed if the app is open.

this happens if the application is not open on the phone …

that’s what i wanted to know.

Okay…Roberto, I think if I have understood your query correctly, the answer to the 1st part of your Qry is straightforward. That is the default setting. You can tweak it. The second part “this happens if the application is not open on the phone” is not something I am aware of or something that’s been reported by its 1.6 billion users. I honestly don’t know why you are experiencing this. You could send them an email, I am sure they would get back to you. But on all webPress websites that I have used this as a plug, I have never come across it.


You can mute the sound by tapping on the icon on the top right hand corner of the chat screen. On app version you can do the same too. My suggestion would be to spend some time in the dashboard, which rather weirdly resembles our Glide editor. There you can play around with the colour/appearance of your widget including setting triggers (20). You can even white label the product. Its a bit Glide.

If I do come across something on this, I will get back to you.

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Did you find the answer to your Q?

Roberto…btw…you can set the language to Portuguese/Spanish/Brazilian etc. I think your language is Brazilian?

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Yes, português

Yes, thank you


Ahhhh now I’ve clicked. Sorry, Im not all that bright. Yes, is the answer. .But the best way to always make sure you never miss a sound is to keep your account email active on your phone. This is becz each time a visitor returns to continue a suspended chat, the sound (push) notification is also sent to your email inbox. This double notification is to make sure you never miss a chat. :blush:

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If you set the welcome trigger to immediate or 10 seconds delay instead of the default 30 seconds delay, your customers will be able to take instant advantage of the following in addition to “End this chat session”, and “Sound on”:

  1. Change name - customers can change ticket name
  2. Email a transcript of the conversation to their own inbox even if they are not registered users of tawk.to

It just helps your customers know immediately of what they can/cannot do, instead of having to wait 30 seconds to find out.

The only point of all this is a third app/website need, and not our glideapps, even connected


Can this be used for chating betyeen users of the app? Direct Messenging ?

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I did not se how to use notifications

Yes it can be. See some of my apps. Try chatting with me via wizchat.glideapp.io

Download the app version from app or google store to receive notifications to your phone.

@Wiz.Wazeer i am currently using it as a support chat for my users. Is it possbile to also use this in a way for users to chat with each other?

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@Amal, yes. Download the app from the store and start chatting away with friends.

I mean how to use it wit glide

Paste your tawk to direct chat link in a rich text component and set it to web view. Then anyone can chat with anyone. But just make sure everyone has the chat functionality activated. You need to activate it otherwise it just acts as a send an email and we will get back to you kind of thing. Reason I recommend the app is for instant notification even when you are logged out of your glideapp.

Thanks I think I understand, when you say my direct link, you mean me as a admin or a user? Can you please explain a little more in detail.

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