I have done it! game on! the real chat app is here!

Wow! That’s sounds quite something!
Is that in its free version?

Jesus A. Vargas Espinosa-Mireles

m. +52.555.505.1571
o. +52.998.478.0706
w. lowcode.agency
a. Blvd Kukulcan Km 9.5, ZH, Cancun, 77500

When I close the “web view” the convs didn’t save


Everything is saved. Download the app.

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I’ve added in my home screen

Here is another great piece of info. You can use the same code across all your apps, and communicate with all clients of all those different apps from one admin account. Just give those app urls a handle. Wow :star_struck:


Okay chat with me from your app. It’s just like WhatsApp. But where it’s better than WhatsApp is the ability to turn all conversations into tickets/ transcripts and email to your clients in app.


What is the other way?

Some gliders have been messaging me but couldn’t reply. Time stamp was 6 am in the morning. Sorry was asleep :sleeping::rofl:

Cool, interested in hearing the other way!


I will be doing a video on this so I don’t have to constantly repeat myself. Ill be back!

Okay, I actually found a video on this. GDPR/privacy lovers…u can use Tawk to set your privacy/GDPR policies as well. Visitors before chatting will be asked to consent to your privacy polices. Comes with two buttons…yes/no…Actually I know a good way of getting round this…I will be returning to this topic later.


Okay, here is how you implement chat.

  1. open the tawk.to dashboard.
  2. Go to administration
  3. Look for codes. Ignore the code unless you have a website. if you have a website.,.just follow the instructions…
  4. For Glide apps, look for “Chat link”. copy the link and paste into your Gsheet.
  5. Open your app in Glide dashboard.
  6. Create a button where you want the chat icon to appear.
  7. upload the link.
  8. set the button to webview
    9…start chatting!

This rocks, thank you!

Hope it helps! :grinning:

Election 2020 is round the corner…I was thinking of building a politicians election template…would only take me a couple of days…but not sure if it would sell. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please share with me.

Its amazing
How can I reach to “Chat link"?

As i said in a previous post, I would be doing this only once. Not taking any repeat Q on it. Sorry. You ill find it if you look for it. :+1:

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OMG i gave out incorrect information sorry - tawk can be set up to actually feed back data to your sheet! This is it!

You can link it to your google sheets to do one of two things:

  1. Add rows to Google Sheets when a tawk.to chat ends
  2. Add new tawk.to tickets to Google Sheets

Can be set up via Zapier also .


Hi @Wiz.Wazeer - this is a really cool feature you’ve found. One thing I’m struggling with is enabling visitors to close the chat and re-open the original chat. Is there a way to do this? Thanks :slight_smile: