I have created the Guidelines for Creating a Scheduler Notification App

This is the repository I wanna share:

Hello everyone! I’m an intermediate programmer with some coding experience,
and I’m excited to share this repository with you all.
Recently, I discovered how easy and fast it is to create apps or websites using GlideApp.

The story behind this project starts with a task from an old friend: to develop an app that notifies users when it’s time to take medication. Inspired by this idea, I decided to use GlideApp along with Google Sheets for database jobs. For scheduling notifications, I have tried Google Apps Script, and you can find the code in the repository.

Upon completing this small project, I realized that many of my friends use Google Apps Script for managing their businesses,
including reminders for electric bills or other monthly payments. And absolutely, there are many flexible ways to use it!

Lastly, I believe sharing this repository is a good idea,
and I would be glad if someone looking to build a weekend project or a student seeking assistance with their homework found this helpful. :DD


Thanks for sharing! So you have to use LINE to be able to get notifications, or not?

Yes, I have used Line Notify (LINE Notify)
I forgot to include it in the document. :sweat_smile:
I will update the document accordingly.

Anyway, with the way I implemented it using the API call, I believe it’s possible for someone to be notified through another service if they wish to!

Good job getting your app up and running. When using Google Apps Script for scheduling notifications, have you encountered any issues with script approvals or permissions? I haven’t opened that box yet, but have been curious

Yes! it requires you to allow permission.

but I’m not sure which step you need to do it. Perhaps it’s during the first time you create your first ‘Trigger’.

Thank you for your question!. I will update my document on how to set up triggers this weekend.

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