I have a Legacy 25$ plan and its giving message to users "This team has reached it's row limit"

I am Glide user for more then 2 years and having a legacy plan of 25$ per month.
i realized that for some reason on Feb 2024 the auto payment through credit card was failed, now using billing tab i fixed it as well and done the payment.
i really would like to continue this plan for sometime till Glide decide on making it obsolete.

The app is working but giving message to users that “This team has reached it’s row limit”. How can i get rid of this message. please help. screen shot is attached.

its very urgent as users are impacted.

Have you exceeded your row limit? The limit for the Starter plan is 5000 rows.

Did you lose your legacy plan when your payment failed in Feb?

Yes it seems. But it was not my fault. I guess everything was good with my card. I think its something to do with Glide error. Now i don’t know how can i recover my account

Well I can’t know if it’s a problem from your card or Glide. Best chance you have is contacting the support team to see what the problem really was, and if they can restore the legacy plan if it’s a problem from Glide. Assuming you’re now on a new paid plan, you can do so using the Intercom integration in the builder (bottom right icon).