I have a complicated scenario

I am preparing app for Inspections

The given as follows:

  1. Companies has many projects.

  2. Each project has many disciplines (Architectural (A), Structure (S), etc) These discipline varies from project to project.

The Inspection No. Should appear like [{Discipline abbreviation}-FIR-{incremental number depends on the max number for each discipline}

The Good News is
i managed to segregate and count each Project-Discipline and able to count them separately. and i have the required inspection No in its final format at Discipline table, As Shown in the below photo


i also managed to bring the values to the Inspection request table (where the Form is built) Thus via a lookup column. As Shown below

The Bad News is
i am not able to use this values in my Form, it is not showing as available values for text box or even choice component.

I think i am missing something here. Can you please support me in that.

Thank you

Your Lookup column appears as an array, which indicates that your relation is a multi-relation. You probably need to change that to a single relation.

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i will study the difference, since i joined Glide since 3 days only. but i will try to read more about that and how to establish that.

Thank you for your kind respected reply.
By the way, thank you for your video explaining the incremental number for new user.
[Unique Numbers - #7 by Waser_I_Solutions]

Darren, Thank you so so much, it works like magic. for each and ever project and every discipline independently.

Really Thank you :heart:

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