I found a Search solution, but I don't like it


Hoping someone can help me find a more elegant solution.

Here is my situation:

  • Sheet one is a list of events with location, description, etc.
  • Sheet two is calendar listing with start and end times.
  • The two sheets are linked with a relation column based on event name. MANY calendar listings to ONE event listing.

My app has tabs built on the calendar sheet, but I want to allow a filter based on ANY word in the event description. The search bar doesn’t cross over to that field on the event sheet.

I have seen @Robert_Petitto great video suggesting tags for this purpose, but that solution won’t fit my scenario. (Side note…all of @Robert_Petitto videos are fantastic if you haven’t seen them. They are a true “go to” for me when I am stuck or looking for new ideas.)

The solution I have incorporated is this:

  • Added Lookup column to calendar sheet that pulls in event description from event sheet.
  • Created text entry field/single value column scenario allowing user to type anything.
  • Created If-then-else field of IF lookup event description INCLUDES single value text entry, THEN “true.”

This is working beautifully…I just don’t like the clutter it creates on the calendar sheet. Because calendar dates to events is "many to one, " if an event is weekly, then the (lengthy) event description repeats on 52 rows of the calendar sheet.

Can anyone suggest a cleaner way to accomplish allowing a search from an event sheet field on a calendar sheet-based tab?

Does this help?

You don’t have to use tags, but rather look up or a join list of the information you want to search and then hide it so it’s not visible on the details page.