I can do this with Glide, right?


Use Case:
Track my card game results. A match win is determined by winning two out of three games. I am entering the following information using Glide:

  • Date (prefilled to the current date)
  • Opponent Name
  • Opponent Deck Name
  • Game 1 Result (Win switch)
  • Game 2 Result (Win switch)
  • Game 3 Result (Win switch)
  • My Deck Version (pre-filled)
  • Additional Notes

I’ve created non-user entered columns in the Glide tables such as:

  • Match Result (I used a math column to sum game 1-3 results, and then used if-else to for “win” when sum game > 1)

Problem 1:
The calculated match result column does not save to the Google Sheet. How do I save this so I can do the following…

Problem 2:
I want to create a summary tab that will have Deck Name, N Matches, Win %. I can create a pivot table as a new sheet in Google Sheets, but I can’t aggregate on columns that aren’t in the original sheet (see Problem 1).

I have all of this up and running as a separate spreadsheet, but want to use a glide app to add data. It’s ending up a bit more complicated than I expected.

Any suggestions?

Why don’t you keep everything inside glide and forget sheets. You can use glide function to do all the things you stated above. Keeping things in glide will help with faster calculation and easy data manipulation.

Oh, I didn’t explore that functionality b/c my ulterior motive for making the app is so I can use it with Sheets with a work project. I’ll check that out, thanks!

So you can do it if you don’t mind about 2-3min to the value appears in the app if you change/edit something