I built an app that helps people with sensitive skin find skin safe products!

I struggle with sensitive skin so decided I wanted to build an app that helps me find out if the product I am using can trigger a flare up. I found glide a month ago and have since been able to make my dream a reality!

The first version is very bare bones, I am hoping to test the concept before investing into more complicated technology (AI/barcode scanning, etc).

Feel free to use the app and share any recommendations.

Also if you have any tips on building user bases that would be much appreciated.

You can find my app at http://www.ingredientalert.com/



Hey @SeattleOwl

Thank you for creating this inclusive app! Its nice to see such initiatives for an under-represented community like those suffering allergic reactions. It was a pleasure walking though your app. I feel it will also help those people with no allergies to make more consious buying decisions.

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Welcome to the Glide community, @SeattleOwl!

What a great example of creating a Glide app to address a personal need. :slight_smile:

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Aww thank you Karthikeya_Jain! It has been a blast building the app and I am excited to continue growing it! Only bummer is I am almost to 500 rows of data now and I am unable to afford the maker plan, I wish there was a way we could just buys rows instead of upgrading to a whole $60 a month plan.


Thanks Andy! It is a great community and I love how everyone helps here. :slight_smile: I have never coded and it is so cool to be able to build out a functioning app without that knowledge, even my software developer husband is impressed with the final result, and I didn’t need to ask him for help at all!!

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