HTML Spacing help!

I’m trying to get the right-side column of the Fields component to not smoosh the 4 digits like this:


I will be using the Fields component a few times in this particular section of my app and the numbers will always be 4 digits long so something static that tells Glide to show all 4 inline would be excellent. Can someone please drop some HTML / CSS logic on me?? Please and thank you in advance :pray:

CSS will only work if you have Bussines plan… free plans CSS only for Classic Apps

I flipped the data for the two columns in the Field component (which isn’t ideal but it definitely looks better without having to use any CSS) but now I’m running into another issue:


I’m trying to align the text in the right column to the left side using the attribute <p align="left"> but it isn’t working in each field:

I literally copied and pasted it into each cell in each column so I know there isn’t an issue with me typing it incorrectly. Not only is it intermittently working in this Field component, but it’s not working in others as well:


I’ve tried closing the attribute as well (</p>) but it isn’t solving the problem:

I’m probably overlooking something right in front of my face :man_facepalming: Can someone please help??

What you’re trying to do there will only work in a Rich Text component, and certainly won’t work in the Fields component.

What you might be better off doing is constructing a full HTML table in the data editor, and then display that in a Rich Text component.

Thanks Darren.

Just out of curiosity - why is it working intermittently if it shouldn’t be working at all?

The fact that your html is not being rendered is an indication that it’s not working or going to work. If it was working, then you wouldn’t be seeing any exposed html. If you see html, then it’s only being interpreted by the browser as text instead of markup language.

Like @Darren_Murphy said, only the rich text component can interpret and render html language.

Your issue is more of a flow issue. The content is too big for the container and it doesn’t fit well in that container. Sometimes it does well and sometimes it doesn’t depending on the content.

Probably more of a bug than anything, but definitely a long standing bug.

Like Darren said, an html table would would give you much better and more consistent results.

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Thanks gents, appreciate your time.

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