Help - everything in "Fields" component is aligning to right

I really like Glide so far, and want this to work, but I have not been able to get past one bug that’s driving me nuts because there doesnt appear to be a way to fix it. Within a component, when I select “fields” - all the data is aligned to the right of the screen. It looks awful, and appears no fix. Help? I really want this to work with glide, but this problem seems to stupid and huge at the same time. Thank you!

How would you expect it to work?

I would want the option to have text aligned to the right, or to the center, or to the left, like how aalmost every other text formatting tool is. Because of the right alignment, even the bullets look strange.

Can anybody help me fix this? It’s totally unnatural looking, as far as I’m concerned. I’m still in my trial period with Glide, so need to fix this if I’m going to move forward.

Have you tried using a normal text component? That gives you the alignment options that you are looking for.

Another alternative is a Rich Text component, which recognises HTML/Markdown formatting.

Personally I don’t think the screenshot looks fit for a fields component at all. I good try text components like Darren said.

Thanks for your reply. I actually tried using a text component, based on a previous Google search (I’ve spent hours trying to fix this), but it seems like the text field was ‘waiting’ for me to enter data, rather than pulling from the Airtable field which already has the data I’m trying to display. If that makes sense.

Ok Ill revisit the text field. Thanks. Fingers crossed.

Oh my gosh, that worked - thank you! I didn’t realize that within a text box component, I could link the Airtable field. Glide keeps my business, thank you. TGIF.

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This is a text entry field, which allows you to enter data. What he meant (and you have discovered), is a text component.

Yes, thanks so much. I’m flying blind here, but super impressed with what I’ve accomplished in just a few days. Thanks Glide/Glide community.