Field-cell right aligning content

All my field-cells is right aligning the content…

I don’t have the option to change the alignment.

Is this an App or Page? Are you using any CSS?

I believe this should be fixed now. Looks to me that during today ‘Fields’ underwent a change not yet registered in the glide updates page. The change alters the styling of Fields to resemble App Basic Tables when the container or page is less than some certain width. Probably you found this error while they were rolling it out.

For me all looks and work great with the new styling. God bless glide for this change :smiley:

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Thanks for reply!

This is a page


Seems like this update hasen’t hit my computer yet, because it still right align my fields :frowning:

Can you show some screenshots or a video of how you’re setting it up?

Hey there, can you tell me what the solution was?