How to verify if address is a real address?

When the user types in their address is there a way for there to be a dropdown menu of possible addresses and if they enter an address that isn’t real it give an error message? Thank you


Pablius and his great APIs has the solution for you:


Does Glide have a way to do it or do I have to resort to a third part application? And also, how would I include the API?

Hola de nuevo,

Glide doesn’t have a native way to do it but using their API plugins you can do it easily but working with an external service.

Personally I would not verify an address because there are a lot of ways to represent an address and the API may not catch all those variants to verify it correctly.

What I would do is showing them possible real addresses using their input.

A free way to do that is using Nominatim.

Another video from Robert that might be of help: