Address Entry -Difficult to get users to provide complete addresses by txt entry

It would be good to have the Address entry component have multiple fields, each of which can be marked as optional or required:

-Street Number
-Street Name
-Unit Number

I think this would be the right way to do it.


And I think it would be completely fine if Glide makes it a PRO-only feature.

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The way I handle it at the moment is create a form with different text/number entry components, then concatenate them in sheets to one string. Could that work for you?

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Yes, definitely. I am all for a lot of the feature requests being PRO!

Yes! But the resulting UX is not optimal and I avoid workarounds unless critical. In fact the forms themselves (while they are what they should be given that Glide is still developing) could use some design improvement. The things that are critical for the app to work are thankfully already there to accomplish what we need in one way or another, so I think now it’s about saving us some serious time with new features and components that don’t require workarounds and thus, result in a more complex application.

AND THANK YOU for the workaround. I am not suggesting that the community not continue to share workarounds as those are important as we build in the context of the current Glide platform! I will save this so that if I have a critical need to collect only parts of a location or date entry, I can use it!

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I fully agree about the forms having room for improvements, however I find that most webapps ask for full address using different entry fields anyways, so it’s something that users may be used to anyways. Helps organize the data as address formats vary immensely from one region to another.

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This is a very good point - I was not thinking about global variations. I need to check how it would display on the page once collected. A lot of what my app collects is displayed to the users via Action Text Component.

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