How to update respective column by each department?

I have a sheet which consists of Customer name, phone, address etc. The sales department create new opportunities with basic information and then technical department fills in other columns. I want technical department to be able to update only the columns related to their work. Example

Sales Dept enter/update the following

  1. Date of Enquiry
  2. Customer Name & Address
  3. Requirement Details
  4. Probability of winning the deal
  5. Required on or before
  6. Lead source … etc.

Technical Department evaluates the opportunity and update columns

  1. Choose the assigned opportunity from the list.
  2. Update columns like
    a. Material Value
    b. Labour Value
    c. Outsourcing cost
    d. Date of Delivery …etc

Sales department again based on the technical inputs prepare quotes and update the quote details.

a. Quote Amount
b. Quote Date etc.

This time sales will be able to update only these columns.

Please help to implement this workflow.


You can do all this by using conditional visibility on your edit form input components.

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Thanks for your quick response. I have seen that option, but trying to understand whether any slice option available as in Appsheet.

Anyways thanks.

There is a Slice Array plugin column. What do you need that for?

If what you refer to as “Slices” is in the video below.

Then it’s a bit different. I believe the Slice here works for filtering rows from a table, while what you want is conditionally show/hide entry for columns in the same row.

It should work like this:

Sales Dept add a new row through a form.

If the signed-in user’s “department” is Technical then when they open the edit form, they can only see the columns above.

When sales dept go into a row’s details view, they can only see the columns above when they go into the edit screen.

You might choose to allow the technical dept to continue editing info or not after sales has input the quote amount, I’m leaning towards a no.


Thanks for your guidance and support. Understood how glideapps works.

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