How to turn off 'add' or 'edit' functionality

Hi All,

Glide newbie here.

I’d like to write an app for a person in a care home with dementia.
She cannot handle ‘login’, ‘edit’ or ‘add’ menus.
When images are displayed, they’re display in ‘fit’ mode, and she can zoom in.
When a video is played from, it plays, and when finishes the player closes and goes away, leaving the user at the list screen.
This is for family members to edit the app with new videos, text, etc., and for her to see the next time the app opens.

Her interface is a few icons. When clicked, the material behind the item is shown. In the case of video, it closes and goes back to the list. In the case of text and photo, the user needs to tap on them to go back to previous screen.

I’ve upgraded to the Pro package for this app.

I started with the Favourites app.

I want to turn off the login screen, hamburger menu, ‘+’ icon, tab name, ‘Done’, ‘edit’, etc. This persons should be able to click on the tile of the list on the front page, watch a video or see a picture or read a short text, and thenmove on with their lives.


I want to show a list of items. When the item is clicked, show one of: text, picture, video.

For text, simply display text to the user. Once tapped , go back to the list.
For a photo, display (fitted to screen, bonus points if can pinch zoom).

For a video, play from (fitted to screen, along with rotation, when playback is done, go back to list).

No login, no emails, no extraneous details at all.

Watch this 2-min video to learn how:

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Robert, how cool is that? I now see how to turn off ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ functionality.

I still don’t see how to remove the menu that leads to ‘Sign in’ and ‘About’ where the app can be copied.

Any clues?

Hiding the About screen is in the app settings, but is only available to Pro apps.

I don’t believe you can hide the sign in/user profile area as it is needed if your app collects comments, chat messages, etc.

Yep, I found it: Settings → Sharing → Hide About screen. Perfect.

Shame about he sign in. Don’t need it, don’t want it in this instance. This is most definitely not an app destined for a large number of users.

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