How to track patronage of businesses on the app

I am building a directory of businesses that are owned by members of an alumni group. In exchange for being on the app businesses will donate a percentage of revenue the app generates for them to the alumni group.

-How could the app let consumers upload a copy of a receipt and enter the amount spent? That part I think I can figure out.

-Have the total spent by all consumers of a particular business be totaled for the month or quarter and shared with the business.

-Generate a graphic (thermometer, bar graph, etc.) That shows the total amount donated to the alumni group from all businesses on the app.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

In the list of receipts, create columns that generate a unique quarter or month+year code using math and ITE columns.

Then, you’ll be able to create relations from a selected month/quarter to those entries for rollup purposes

After the part above, use quickChart or Glide’s built in charts to display these values.