How to store user-specific data entries for a tracker

Hey guys,

I want to store user-specific data for my spending tracker.


  • Spendings should be stored in a different table, each spending with separate row
  • Row data: user email, description, costs, category, date
  • User email and date shoud be stored automatically, description, costs and category will be filled out/selected by the user
  • User email is identifier for starting bulk calculations for each category

Option 1 for implementation: Form

  • How can I store automatically email and date with a form?
  • Is it possible to store form data not in user table, but in separate table?

Option 2 for implementation: New screen (my prefered option)

  • How to display the screen empty if user adds a new spending? With my current implementation, the data of the previous entry still show up in the entry fields.

Which of the following options is the best? Could you answer my questions for both?

Kind regards,

I prefer using forms whenever possible. To store the date and email (and any other user profile or current screen value) automatically, use the “User”, “Screen”, and/or “Special Value” columns section in the list of form components:

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Thanks @Robert_Petitto. Works with special values really well!