Are visitors able to save private text in their app?

Hello all.

Are there any possibilities for visitors to save private text in the app they have downloaded?

I have made an app using google sheets as back-end. When I chose Text-entry + Button block (save to clip board) as components then the text that my test users entered and saved went into my google sheet and then again on display for all the other test users. In retrospect this of course makes sense as Glide is a web-app. (Yes, I am very much a newbie)

But are there any possibilities in Glide so that a text a user is entering in the app downloaded to their mobile can be kept only for the user him/her-self?

In the editor add a new text column and mark it “User Specific”. Back in the layout point your text entry component to the new User Specific Column.

Because User Specific columns store values locally on the users device, User specific columns hold values that are specific to each user. In this way many people can use the app and see their own personalized data.

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Not entirely true. It only stays local to the device if the user is not signed in. In that case it’s only temporary stored in the user’s cache and easily lost when the app is restarted, so it’s not permanent.

If a user is signed in, then user specific data is stored on glide servers. Imagine a relation from a table to another hidden table that contains RowID, Email, Column Heading, and Value. That hidden table is where user specific values live on the server. A user specific column is like a hybrid relation/lookup to access that value from the hidden table. This becomes apparent if you export app data and see all of the stored user specific data.

A user that is signed in can access their user specific values across multiple devices, which proves that it’s not stored locally in all cases.