How to show social media icons, like Instagram and Twitter, with link?

I’d like to make link components with SNS icons like below:
This is from here.

I tried to change link icon, but I didn’t.
How to show SNS icons, like instagram and twitter, with link?


Just add the url’s to the cells and Glide recognizes the destination and defaults to those Icons.

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Probably a dumb q, but what is SNS?

Oh, my gosh…
That’s the only way I didn’t try…lol
Glide is really smart!

Thanks, a lot!

I wondered that too, I just thought it was a typo or a translation thing. But good question.

@George_B @yinon_raviv

SNS means social media in Japanese.
I didn’t know “SNS” could not be made sense…
Thank you for pointing!lol

what do you mean by social media? what are you trying to do? what will the components you’re trying to add will do?

Hi Peimish,

I know i’m a little late to this conversation but how do I get those icons, are they free, can you change the color of the background? Any information on the best way to get them would be helpful!!

Thank You

They are automatic when using a link component. The link address will determine the icon. The color is determined by your theme’s color scheme.

Not just in Japan. SNS stands for social networking service.

We just shortened it to social network but it really should be a SIN, social information network. Ha.

Likely just direct links to the person’s profiles, in the same way you link to a website.

I wrote the links, but doesn’t appear the icons.
what should I do?Captura de Pantalla 2020-06-23 a la(s) 18.43.58

Are you using a link component?