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Is there any easy way to link a social media icon to the profile? I would just like to add the Instagram icon to the “Contact Us” page in Glide apps and have it linked to our Instagram page. Thank you!

Use a richtext component with the following markdown:



[data-test="app-markdown-view"] img {
height: 64px;
width: 64px !important;
margin: auto;
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Thanks very much - very helpful. Unfortunately, the instagram image isn’t appearing.I would also like to center it in the container. Any idea how to fix this. You can see what I’m referring to in the last container of the page here.

Ok. You said in your original post “Glide App” not “Glide Page”…what I proposed won’t work…

Try this instead:

Here’s the URL for the image:,h_100,c_pad/


Thanks very much!

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