Request: Social Media Table

What would be neat is a Social Media Table. Glide already recognizes many of the URL schemes within the Link component and outputs the appropriate icon:
Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.24.38 AM

Would love a component that lets you type or select (like the (Rich) Text component) the links and have it output as a center-justified table of social media icon buttons. Bonus for allowing monochrome icons or appropriately full color icons.

Kinda like this: image

I could do this with HTML/Markdown, but I know it’s not supported (and it’s not perfect since I can’t center justify responsively).

Just a thought!


Even though it is not social media it could be nice to include a website reference as well. This will work work for company directory e.g for a community app

Exactly…and an email/phone icon too…or two (work/personal)

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And messenger/sms/…

I think it would be beneficial to look at the case from both personal and business and organizational perspective in order to identify all the relevant channels. I believe the icon set could be different

True. A social media control is need of the hour for sure.


Links and Icons would be really handy in a table.

I love how Glide knows facebook/twitter and gives you an icon automatically. But could do with more.

It doesn’t seem to support LINE, a popular “whatsapp” equivalent in Asia.