How to show fields with different data source on user profile

My user profile page currently looks like this (tells name, and has a collection for the data I want)

However, what I want to be showing in the profile is the data displayed when you click on one of the collection items. The items are names of members. Is there a way to associate the member with the profile and be able to do this?

I photoshopped a bit to show what I want, but not sure how to achieve this (this is what I want to show up when someone views their profile):

Maybe with the fields component. Where else does the data come from other than the user profile?

Yeah so that’s the problem. Its two separate data sources - the user profile pulls from the Users table, but the statuses come from a Google Sheet.

Your question isn’t completely clear, but if I’m understanding correctly, I think all you need is a single relation column in your Users table that matches the name (or ID, or whatever) with the same value in your second table. Then add a series of lookup columns to fetch the values that you need through that relation. And finally, use those lookup columns in your fields component.

The other thing you could do - which would be much simpler - is change your existing collection to a custom collection, filter it by user, then add your fields component directly.

If either of above isn’t the solution, then a redacted screen shot of the two tables (from the Glide Data Editor) would be helpful.


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