How to show a list of all check-ins?

Hello gliders!
Help me understand how to show everyone who is check in, in the event.
– I have a user profile with the user’s name and photo.
– There is a list of events.
I made a third table with everyone who checked in, but when you click on the check in button, this applies to all events.

How to make it so that in each event to display those who clicked on the check in button? And how to remove them from this list if they press this button again?

What action is being taken when they tap “Check-In”? If it’s adding a new row to your check-ins table, you’ll want to be sure you’re collecting an ID or something that identifies which event detail they’re currently viewing. You can then create a relation from the Users table to lookup their check-ins and adjust the button’s visibility. Here’s a link to some documentation that might help!