How to send unique push notifications to all users?

It seems like the push messages are sent from a single row, but if there are multiple users to send to then the recipients emails would be need to be in a lookup column?
Is there a way to send a push message to each user from different rows, the message would be uniquely created using a template column. I can’t seem to find documentation or videos on this.

I don’t think this is possible as of now.

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I found this hint while reading the documentation for push notifications. Am i right in thinking that this means there is a way to click one button to push unique messages out to different users? (example: the names would be personalised for each user that receives the message)
There’s got to be a way to do this.
I know how to create a template column that inserts unique content for each different row, i just need to know how to send off a push notification with unique messages for each different user.

I think you go to the point in your first sentence… pushes send from a single row. Template use is just adjusting the message for the row it’s being sent from. Like the subject of a new post getting fed into the notification to the users about the new post. But it’s the same message that gets sent to all the recipients.

It’s great we have push notifications now… but as you’re seeing we are still a bit limited with them. No time triggers yet, and my biggest issue… can’t use push notifications while using anonymous emails.

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Okay thanks for that, hopefully they add that soon, it would mean more personalised messages for users and more updates that glide can charge for.

@Darren_Murphy do you know any more on this subject. It still seems odd that Glide would say … “create customised push notifications for different users” - when that’s not actually possible.

Sorry, I haven’t done much with Push Notifications yet, so I’ll have to pass on this one.

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Hi @Robert_Petitto ,are you able to answer this question about personalised push messages.

It’s possible to create customized notifications for a SINGLE user… so both things are true.

You can customize a message to a single user


You can’t send personalized messages to a group of users


The note from glide about using templates to automate messages I believe is just giving you ideas about how the message can be modified for individual pushes, not for a single notification to multiple users.

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Thanks for that, just needed to be sure before i start down a different path.
Currently i think i’ll PUSH the same message to users to get them to open the app, then show the unique IN-APP messages on each users dashboard.

Personalised messages that send off an auto trigger (time based or based off conditions) would be a great feature @MatthewS


To echo what’s already been said, it’s not possible to send out different versions of the same push notification at once