Push Notifications not working for "Send to specific users"

I’m super excited to have push notifications… it’s prompted me to do a complete rebuild of my “Classic App” as an “App” which is no small undertaking, and delay my development of a coded native app.

Testing out Push Notifications, I have them working for “Send to everyone” but when I try “Send to specific users” no notifications are received.

I’ve set recipient as the account login email of the intended push recipient, and done some null checking to ensure there is indeed the intended recipient’s email there.

Is this a known bug? Or is there something I’m missing?

Here for example, I’m attempting to send a push to recipient email with the sender’s display name as the title, and the recipient’s email as the body. It does not send.

When I change it to Send to everyone, it sends. By having the desired recipients email in the body of the notification, I’m able to verify that that field was non-null and is the correct login email of the intended recipient. (I also put a wait for condition in the action, to verify it’s non-null since it is a lookup field of a row just written by the same action.)

According to the documentation, you need to first request push notification permission. Have you done that?


Yes, I have a set up screen that prompts users to install app, self-verify OS (since the get device info action isn’t working yet), ask permission, check permission (newly added since that documentation was last updated… nice feature to have!), and test send.

Notifications are being received, but only when set to send to everyone. I edited the first post to include a little more about verification of the recipient’s email being correct, and notifications for send to everyone being received.

You cannot send push notifications or emails to anonymous emails.



Oh no! Is there something to be done about this? How can we maintain privacy for users’ emails while still pushing notifications?

Now this would be a big change in Glide mechanics, but a very helpful one for me… Could accounts switch from using login email as the main UID, to a Row ID as the UID? The user profile table would then require both the auto generated Row ID that is the UID, and the login email. That would mean row ownership is defined by UID rather than login email, which would mean I can make multiple row owners on a table, without leaking users’ emails between those owners. If multiple row owners don’t see each others emails, then I don’t have to use anonymous emails. This would be nice to obtain users real emails from the login, rather than having to ask for email again once in the app. It would also allow users to change which email they use to login, without loosing their account. Granted, if they put a typo in as they change their login email and then logout, they’d be locked out and need admin support to fix.

Summarizing my issues with login email being the main UID:

  1. Tables with two row owners (eg messages) can’t maintain privacy of their login email, thus requiring emails to be made anonymous.
  2. Using anonymous emails means I can’t collect (and subscribe to Mailer Lite) the emails a user logs in with, that is without asking for and trusting that they enter it again correctly.
  3. Anonymous emails don’t work with Push Notifications.
  4. User can’t change the email they use to login with, without starting a brand new account.

If you don’t want to or can’t (or it’ll just take a long time to) switch to Row IDs for the UID… can you simply make the anonymous emails work with push notifications?

Otherwise I’m faced with the choice of not keeping users login emails secure, or not being able to push notifications for messages… which means putting the glide app on the shelf and going back to the slow and painful process of coding. I’m really hoping there’s some way to maintain privacy and push notifications :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: All the recent integrations really are exciting and enabling, great job with all of those! I just really need notifications that are better than my google scripting emails to text messages.

I am working with my team to find a solution. We know about the problem.


@Jason Great to hear. I didn’t know from David’s response if it was something that would never work, or if it’s just something that’s being sorted as it’s such a new feature.

We could make it work (emailing and pushing to anonymous emails).


This would be awesome.

Hi @Jason, do you have an update on this?

I’m testing my app with a small group of users not using anonymous emails, but I’d really like to switch to anonymous and open it to more users (without breaking notifications) as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hey @david and @Jason… just following up on the status of this. Any update on when we’ll have the capability to send push notifications and emails to anonymous emails?