Notifications are not working properly

I have push notifications setup throughout my app and they are not all working as designed.

Some work on some occasions but not consistently.

Probably a lot of possible reasons for this, without knowing more info. When I was experiencing a similar confusion, I realized that when sending to everyone, they worked. But sending to specified users didn’t. Turned out that that was because the current push notifications don’t support the use of anonymous emails. Are you using real or anonymous emails in your app?

I’m hoping the glide team addresses this soon. Heres where I brought this up and learned that anonymous emails aren’t supported yet. Push Notifications not working for "Send to specific users"

No, I’ve got a paid PRO plan and collect real email addresses.

I think the Push Notifications feature is just incredibly buggy at the moment. I had no issue a few weeks ago and nothing’s changed wrt how the notifications are set up.

I have a dozen users on mine testing it out (with real emails). Seems to all be working fine over the last month… maybe. There are times when users say they didn’t get notifs, and then after going back to app they start working again. It’s as if there’s a time related failure if they haven’t been active in the last 24 hours or something. I’m not sure… I haven’t pinned it down. I’m hoping you’re right that there are glide related bug fixes to be made, and not an artifact of web apps needing to be recently opened in order to send pushes. That would really reduce their effectiveness as a retention tool in pulling back inactive users!

I haven’t seen any problems lately. Please also make sure your users, if on iOS, have installed the right version of iOS (16.4 or later).

I’m updated (was before!) and have the same issue.

Notifications are not coming through consistently.

Sorry, I haven’t been able to reproduce this, so hope one else can chime in.

Following up on this as I’ve just got a new phone (newer model, latest software etc.) and the same issue persists - I’m not receiving all notifications that are being sent out.

For example, this morning I should have received 3 push notifications (at different times) but only received one.
The Action was triggered though as I have email notifications set up (as well as push) and I received the three email notifications.

Have you installed the app on your device?

Yes… that’s how I’m able to get notifications.

However, I’m getting some notifications not all.

Is there any update on this? @BrettH and Glide Team?

I’m not the only one using my app dealing with buggy notifications and it’s negatively impacting the user experience.

There is no way to determine that from here. I recommend opening a support ticket so the team can investigate.

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