How to sell apps to others?

Hello all,
Suppose I made an app and sell it to my client / business owners for money… how can I do it ?

  1. If I host client app on my google account then I have access to their data … s not possible …
  2. And if host glide app on client google account then they have access to glide dashboard and they themselves resell my app.

Do I miss anything … please comment.
Thanks !

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Yes correct but you can send them an NDA to sign that they can’t redistribute the APP. However if you building it and selling it, then technically they own the app s

You could potentially use a new Gmail account and when finished “lock yourself out”.

Note: Glide does not recommend this approach.

One approach you could take is to keep it under your accounts (both Glide & Google), and charge your clients a “data hosting fee”. The upside of this is if they ever come back and request additional features, then that’s easy to do, and may be an opportunity to generate additional revenue. If they ever decided to stop using the app, you could offer an export of their data.


Thanks ! But in this case I have access to their data and I dont want to do that
Can we have access to Gsheet from another google account ?

You could sell them the “build” of the app and request access to their Google Account using the above “Share” option. They would add/accept you via your email address. Once the app build is complete, they could just remove you from their “Share list” so you no longer have access to their data.

OR keep you on for management purpose$.

Thanks for reply !!!
By “build” you mean URL of app like “https:/” … But still I have access to data by “Data” in glide app interface.

Happy to help. Not official advice, but just my opinion on how one might be able to do it.

Yeah so if your client opened their own Glide Account and gave you access, as well as giving you access to their Google Account (see last reply; can’t use one without the other anyways) so you can edit/write to their Google Sheet that contains the Google Sheet Data that Glide uses to populate inside your clients app.

I always ask my clients to create Orgs on Glide and add my email. Similary I also ask them to create the base spreadsheet and share it with me.
Then I build the app and charge the client for the same and once the deal is complete, I ask them to remove me from the Org and stop sharing the sheet with me.

That way I never have access to their data. But yes they can endlessly recopy the app.

PS: Usually most clients want more help or app maintenance so they never really remove my access from the Org or the sheet.


Just to follow the good advice and understand it correctly…do you mean, create a new Team folder (former Org)?

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Yes correct.

Thanks All ! It seems there is no solution to stop copying the app. :upside_down_face:

Just throwing this out there…lets pretend that you had the option you wanted to sell the app and database to another company without them having access to the builder and you not having access to the database, but they later made a change to their copy of the database that broke the app, or they found a bug in your design, or they wanted modifications to improve the app. Who would fix or make changes if neither them nor you had access to everything?


Not a lot of people will start a business on copying someone elses apps.

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Ok, I think you need to maintain access to the app and explain that with them recieving a product from you it does provide you with access to their data and you yourself can write up a NDA. But let’s say you give them access and something breaks or doesn’t work the way it is supposed to and you don’t have access to fix it or even troubleshoot it. That would look more incompetent than you taking that extra step to write up a NDA. There are NDA’s available online for free that refer to exactly this. Here is a website just for this reason.

This site may help quite a few others as well.



Thanks All !