How do you deliver GlideApps to your customers?

Hello, my name is Michael.

I send my greetings from Nicaragua.

I must confess that I feel very happy to be part of this Community, I hope I hope to learn from everyone and from their experiences.

Also, I must say that I have loved GlideApps, for the fast way in which Applications can be created to solve everyday problems.

I’ve had a question recently: How do you deliver your GlideApps to your customers?

People always want to receive and to watch their Data, and this can be solved by providing the link to GoogleSheets but what to do with those who request backend Access?

Thanks for all the help you can give me.


If your customer wants full control of the Glide App you have built for them, they would need to create their own Glide account at (If the app is based on a Google Sheet, then it’s important that they sign up using a Google account)

You could then allow them to copy the app into their account, at which point they could take over.
If you need to provide ongoing support and perhaps help them extend the feature set, then you should advise them to move the app into a team folder, and then invite you as a member of the team.


My new friend @Darren_Murphy , I thank you so much for your help and support. Your recommendations and advice are coming in a good time for me.


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You should create a team for your customer, and invite them to it. Place the app inside that team.


@david , I am so thankful for answer and support. I appreciate that you shared your experience with. I hope that you have a good day.