How do I transfer the Basic application to the customer?

How do I transfer the Basic application to the customer? Only through the Template store?

There are a few options you can consider:

  1. Create a Team and add your customer as a member, then transfer the app to the team.
  2. Make the app copyable and send them the link so they can copy it to their Glide account.
  3. Have your client create a team and add you to their team.

For 1. : It mens customer must foreve be a member?
For 2. How does it work Im allready check mark to make app copyable, but what the next? Where the link? And how to copy?
For 3: After Im transferring free app to they team they can be kick me out and own the app. Right?

  1. As long as they want access to the app’s back-end, then they’ll need to be a “customer” of Glide in some way. If they don’t need access to the app’s back-end, they can just use the app and it can stay in your account without much issue.
  2. Once you make the app copyable, send the link to the other person and when they open it in a Desktop browser, they’ll see the “Copy this app” button. They’ll then need to login to their Glide account and app will be copied to their account.
  3. If the team is their own, then they can control the members of the team — so yes, they could remove you as a member.

So for first: customers cant own the app. they just own access to backend until they is a member in my team. So it useful just for developing stage.
For second: Its useful to tranfer app after recieving payment.
Fot third: I mean, that after kicking they can own app. I mean, this app was transered to team by me(Im guest in this team). Right? It is useful also, after payment completed.
Thanks shchc, very much!

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