A good way to do contract development and handover with Glide

I want to do contract development and hand over maintenance and operations to my client.
Is there any other way to get the client to create an account with Glide and copy my app?

Is there a way in settings to make your app copyable and also to let them copy the sheet in their drive because then if you or they make changes (either app or sheet) don’t affect the other.

The option is in Settings → Sharing (4th option) → Allow anyone with the link to copy the app & sheet.

Is that what you need?

Best way is to tell your customer to open a glide account, create a team and start the app from the team. Your customer can add you and remove you from the team, that way, the app will not be yours but you’ll have editing rights

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Thank you for your reply.

From which plan will the team feature be opened?

Its always open. It will be on the left of your home screen where you have all your apps. There’s a button that says “Create a Team”

Thank you!

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