How to see if MANY value "includes" in many values separeted by commas?

I really don’t know if this is visually a bug or I’m doing something wrong, because before it was working fine.

@Lucas_Pires I actually think you are trying to do something that cannot be done.

You want to find out whether a or b is found in a list that contains a,b,c,d…
But what I believe your are doing is saying “is a,b included in the list a,b,c,d”

This will not work if the list is " a,c,d" because the combination a,b is not found in the list.

I would think you have to do two checks “is a included in a,b,c,d” and another “is b included in a,b,c,d”

Then how to do that when you have the “interests” in a comma-separated list - well I cannot tell right now. Maybe you have to do a column for each interest and check whether that intest is found - and then ITE for all the interest - is any found - is so - then there is a match.

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Oh gosh… That’s harder than I thought. Is there any other method? :worried:

I didn’t try but it’s possible to check the is included in with splited columns? Because there maybe you can do it.

Or with relation like split the column with commas. Relate with intereses (if you have a list of them) and then with a template column of “user>intereses” in order to have the same value in all the rows you can check with the split and relation of all the users. I don’t know if you understand amd neither if works but you can try.

I’ve just checked that it’s not possible to “is included in” in split nor relations. Sorry

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yeah, we cannot. I also tried to create a relation split_user interesses > split_interesses column, but happens the same… it will get the values “a,b,c,d” and relation to “a,b,c,d” not “a,d” for exemple…

It will be amazing if some day we can “relate” this between split columns or multiple relation columns

I’m thinking of another approach to do this.

You can have a list of all categories in another sheet.

Then you have an ITE column, if category name is included in signed-in user’s categories then true.

For the mentor, everytime a user clicks on a mentor profile, you set the mentor’s row ID to a column in the signed-in user’s row, then make a relation back to the row ID column and return the “viewing mentor” 's categories.

Back to the Categories sheet, you have another ITE column, if category name is included in signed-in user’s viewing mentor’s categories then true.

Then you can show an inline list of categories filtering both ITE column to be true at the same time.

Would it work?

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Hm, but my client wants a “Matches” tab… filtered by all mentors who is a Match to current user.

With this approach I couldn’t do it I guess

Then let’s do it in reverse.

Still we have the Sheet with all categories.

You will have an ITE column, if category is included in signed-in user’s categories then we refill that category name, else empty.

Then back to the sheet where you have the mentors, use a split column to split the categories into an array.

In the Categories sheet, relate the ITE column to the split categories array in the Mentors sheet, return a joined list of rowID of mentors who have that category.

Finally in the Users sheet, have a joined column pointing to the joined list of rowIDs above.

In the Matches tab, filter the mentors by rowID is included in the joined list above.

Would it work?


You’re awesome bro! Thank you so much!

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It worked as intended? Awesomeee.

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For sure! I was trying so hard to do it with an ITE column that forgot to use diff ways :pray:t3:

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