Use of Includes condition

I am creating a recipe recommender app which recommends a recipe based on ingredients inputted by the user.
I have a sheet for Recipes and a column for ingredients - Ingredients of Recipe

I ask user to enter ingredients separated by comma - Question Ingredients.

I also have another column Split Ingredients to show the split of Question Ingredients value separated by comma.

Now, I have a column that compares the Question Ingredients with Ingredients of Recipe using the condition If Ingredients of Recipe includes Question Ingredients, then mark Flag as True.

This works, but now when the question ingredients are written in a different order. Like, it will mark Flag as True, if Ingredients of Recipe is Egg, Bread, and Question Ingredients is Egg, Bread but not when Question Ingredients is Bread, Egg.

I then tried to use the Split column but, the split column cannot be used to compare.

Is there any other way to do this comparison? I want Flag to be true, whenever the Question ingredients are there in the Ingredients of Recipe.